“If you want to see the real China, go to Japan”

So, the first term back at university in Oxford after the whole living-in-China thing has been and gone. They said going abroad for a year would be a “life-changing” experience, but I feel like everything here is very much the same as before – term time seems to relentlessly follow the pattern of: essay crisis, bop, translation, Tesco, struggling to cook an edible meal, music rehearsal, essay crisis, repeat. This all means that this silly little blog thing never really receives my full attention in term time, so it’s only in the holidays that I turn to it and scratch my head for anything mildly interesting to whack up onto here.

I changed its name from the painfully unimaginative “James Robinson in China” to the most cheesy-yet-permissible pun which you see above, partly in order to make it okay for me to post on here about a trip to Japan I’m going to be making in March/April 2013. I suppose the good thing about the change in name is that I can justifiably put up absolutely anything relating to any place east of the UK now…

But yeah, about Japan, mega-excited about that. I’m doing a Japanese course as a module at uni, and there’s nothing like a three-week solo trip to boost up from the basic level of konnichiwa and sayonara right up to the complicated stuff. It all happened really spontaneously though – I just saw an insanely cheap fare on Alitalia (which might be why it’s insanely cheap), and booked it. I can’t wait though – currently planning on going to Tokyo (of course), somewhere in the Japan Alps (possibly Nagano or maybe Takayama), Kanazawa, the Kyoto/Osaka area then down to Kyushu for some off-the-beaten-track sort of stuff. Any suggestions???

PS. The title of this post takes after a certain professor of mine

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